The App will open on the “Events” tab.
Scroll and choose an event you would like to participate in.

When you  click on an Event you can choose to join it or learn more About it first by clicking the About Event button as shown below.

When you click the About Event option this screen will simply tell you more about that specific event.

To join an event click on Join Event as shown below.
Joining an event will allow you to track your steps for that event.

My Sessions

After you have clicked Join Event this pop-up tells you to click the My Sessions tab where you will see all your currently joined Events.

To go to the My Sessions tab simply click the button as shown. 

The My Sessions tab shows a list of the Events you have joined. 
From here you will be able to choose an Event and be able to Track your steps or View your Stats of how many steps you have taken for each event.

To track your steps for an Event simply select an Event and then select the Track Steps option as shown below.

After you have chosen Track Step it will bring you to this screen.
To start tracking your steps simply click the Play button as shown.

 To stop tracking your steps simply click the Stop button as shown.

After you stopped tracking the app will automatically save the data of your steps for this session.

To exit this session simply click the Back to Active Sessions button as shown.

To View your stats for that event or any event simply click on the Event in the My Sessions tab again and click on View Stats shown.

After you clicked View Stats this screen will appear.
The upper statistic meter shows the steps walked by everyone for the event while the statistic meter below is saving your steps you have taken.

My Teams

The My Teams tab shows all the Teams you have currently joined.

After you received your code, simply click on the text that says: Contact to request  a code

After you entered the selected Team Code you received. You will get this screen.
Simply click yes if you are sure that this is the Team you want to join. 

After you have clicked yes on the previous screen this pop-up tells you that successfully joined a team. The Team  you joined will be showing now under My Teams tab after you clicked OK.


Kilometers Walked
  • Vista Blue 1,300 km
  • Vista Orange 600 km
  • Vista Pink 2,500 km
  • Life Path Group 1,939 km
  • Claro Clinic 59 km
  • West Beach Clinic 130 km
  • Tyger Valley Clinic 3,350 km
  • Pines Clinic 130 km
  • Sereno Clinic 275 km
  • iKapa 73 km
  • Crescent Clinic 289 km
  • Bloemcare 111 km
  • Denmar 16 km
  • Die Bron Kerk 978 km
  • Nurthure health - Corono 19 km
  • Nurthure health - Victoria Gardens 27 km
  • Nurthure health - Woodlands 889 km
  • VP - Mint Financial services 48 km
  • Run Walk For Life Fourways 26 km
Crazy km's