Over many years, positive psychology has promoted the benefits of a positive mind set for improved mental health and wellbeing. It is one of the pillars of Vista Clinic’s Happiness HELPS campaign, developed to improve positive affect in patients. The aim of the campaign is to promote mental wellness and to reduce the symptoms of depression. The Happiness HELPS concept consists of a set of practical daily actions to combat the negative emotional impact of depression and anxiety.


“Happiness HELPS .. to liven up our lives and prevent mental illness. Happiness can be created by doing. Helping others, exercising, learning something new, playing and spiritual growth are activities that create happiness”.

Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout – Psychiatrist & Vista Clinic Director Medical Services

Happiness HELPS

The acronym “HELPS” provides an easy-to-follow guide which can be used by everyone to promote and maintain their mental health.  We teach the Happiness HELPS principle at our mental health talks.

HELPS stands for:

Help others e.g. do random acts of kindness for others
Exercise e.g. take the stairs instead of the lift
Learn e.g. learn to say hello in a different language
Play e.g. sign aloud along with the music
Spiritual growth e.g. read your bible, pray

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